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by Mike Tannian on September 01, 2022

Learn how government HR software for recruitment can help your public sector organization make better, data-driven hiring decisions.

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Are you increasingly frustrated with failed recruitment cycles? You may think you’ve found the perfect fit, only to realize that’s not the case when the candidate starts working at your agency. Or perhaps you regularly lose top talent during the recruiting process. If you don’t track important recruitment metrics, then you can’t assess where your process is going wrong and how to fix it. Instead, you operate on pure guesswork to address these roadblocks and your recruiting problems go unresolved. 

In this article, learn why recruitment reporting and analytics are vital to your hiring process’ success. Then, find out how NEOGOV’s HR analytics software, Insight and Attract, help you track this critical data so you can compete in today’s job seeker market.

Problem: Lack of Reporting & Analytics

Data reporting is resource-intensive, particularly if you rely on manual processes. And given the Great Resignation’s impact on the public sector, it comes as no surprise that you can’t find the time and personnel resources required to assess measures like:  

  • Candidate experience
  • Number of qualified hires 
  • Recruiting costs
  • Time-to-hire
  • Time-to-productivity 

But as these inefficiencies in your recruiting process go unchecked, your organization spends more time and money on hiring than is necessary. Without the ability to assess your hiring process, you increase the chances of making a bad hire. This not only leads to poor morale and frustration, but also costs your agency even more money over time – a whopping 30% of the bad hire’s salary, on average

Even when you make a great hire, you can’t rely on data to replicate the process for future recruitment cycles. You might turn to “gut feelings” while you search for similar candidates, which could introduce unconscious bias and inequitable hiring into your hiring process. This lack of data-driven decision-making also increases the risk for human error and mistakes throughout recruitment, adding stress to what’s already a frustrating process.

Solution: HR Analytics Software

Government HR software like NEOGOV’s Insight and Attract keeps your agency competitive in today’s job seeker market. With these tools, you can track data and obtain game-changing insights into your hiring process.


NEOGOV’s Insight provides access to more than 95 standard reports exclusively developed for public sector recruitment, including both pre-set and custom report options. Your agency can use our HR analytics software to find, track, and measure critical data like applicant flow, time-to-fill, recruitment cost, staff workload, applicant quality, and more. You can learn more about Insight’s report types in the table below, including popular EEO reporting and adverse impact tools. 

Report Types


Applicant Reports

  • Pull comprehensive EEO data and statistics in both graph and data formats.
  • Use time-to-hire reporting to compare metrics against peer agencies that are also NEOGOV customers
  • Identify applicant flow for your entire organization or each recruitment by gender and ethnicity. 
  • Track ethnicities, gender, and veteran status within your agency with diversity reports to ensure equitable hiring processes.
  • Measure the health of applications for job postings so you can optimize your recruiting strategy to fill positions more efficiently.
  • Analyze and report on crucial candidate metrics like the number of applications received, application source, number of eligible applicants, number of applicants referred, reason for rejection, and more.

Recruitment Reports

  • Track and analyze recruiting costs.
  • Identify how much your organization spends on recruitment. 
  • Measure how much you spend by department, job class, time, period, and more.

Workload Reports

  • Track and analyze staff workload.
  • Identify which staff members recruit most often and most effectively.
  • Evenly distribute workload among staff.

Effectiveness Reports

  • Applicant quality: track and analyze the quality of applicants you refer to hiring managers.
  • Time to hire: Identify how long it takes to fill requisitions, how long each stage of the recruitment cycle takes, and opportunities to shorten the recruitment life cycle.
  • Generate other reports as needed, including cost-per-hire, number of open job postings, application volumes, and more. 

Our ad-hoc reporting tool requires minimal to no training, so even non-technical staff can rely on Insight’s step-by-step report generator to create customized reports that meet their unique needs. Plus, you can schedule reporting for specific times, including recurring schedules on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This automation gives you access to vital information whenever you need it – even as you juggle all the other HR tasks on your to-do list. You can also export data from these reports to Microsoft Excel or create CSV files for additional analysis or integration with external information.


NEOGOV’s Attract makes it easy to measure the impacts of your sourcing and recruitment efforts. Our recruitment analytics software provides reporting and ROI results tied to individual candidates from start to finish

As soon as you begin candidate outreach, you can use Attract to report on recruiting metrics like open, click, and conversation rates for your emails and landing pages. Additionally, you can track applicant leads from events, emails, landing pages, articles, and more. After a candidate has applied, identify the source of a candidate’s application and evaluate what channels supply the most qualified candidates. You can filter these results according to:

  • Job
  • Unique tag
  • Location
  • Department
  • Time 

The features in our HR analytics software enable you to measure your ROI and identify the recruitment sources most likely to lead to a quality hire. You can use this information to inform future efforts and secure that perfect candidate more quickly next time around.

Benefits of Government HR Software

NEOGOV’s HR analytics software enables you to measure essential recruitment metrics so you can make data-driven decisions, avoid conjecture, and reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. Instead of basing your process improvements on feelings, guesswork, or even assumed logic, leverage NEOGOV’s standard reports (or create custom reports on the fly) to determine which application channels:

  1. Provide you with the most qualified applicants; and
  2. Result in the most hires. 

NEOGOV’s systems are user-friendly, so you don’t need to rely on IT or additional programming resources to accomplish this. Instead, you can identify where your hiring process needs work by tracking and analyzing applicant data, recruiting costs, staff workload, recruitment effectiveness, and more whenever it’s convenient for you. As you optimize your recruitment process, you’ll not only save money and time now, but also hire top talent that saves you money in the long run.

Final Thoughts

NEOGOV’s Attract and Insight provide vital resources that eliminate recruitment guesswork. Schedule a no-obligation demo today to learn how you can use our recruitment analytics software to improve your public sector hiring process.

Mike Tannian

Mike Tannian is the Director of Content Marketing at NEOGOV. With a talented team of writers by his side, he aims to produce content that delivers real value to public sector HR professionals at every stage in the buying journey.

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