(Human Resources Information System)

Consolidate all your employee information and processes,
automate error-prone tasks, and meet your unique public sector compliance needs.

Consolidate Your Employee Data and Processes

Centralize core HR, benefits, payroll, and time & attendance into one easy-to-use HRIS software.

  • One Login: Employees can access everything from one dashboard.
  • Single Point of Entry: One record and place to enter data for core HR, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance
  • Integrated: Data flows to NEOGOV’s Insight and Onboard products.







Empower Staff with Employee Self Service

Your employees can get the information they need – anytime, anywhere – including the ability to:

  • Access paystubs
  • Enroll in benefits
  • Request time off
  • Clock in/out (includes geofencing)
  • Change direct deposit information
  • Complete their W2
  • Download end of year tax forms
  • Submit address changes for HR approval
  • And more

Save Time, Reduce Keying, and Improve Accuracy

Exception-based payroll processes and easy-to-use dashboards mean your team only focuses on fixing errors rather than manually reviewing everything.

  • Payroll Management: Review, manage exceptions, and process payroll all from one screen.
  • Benefits Dashboard: See and manage all open enrollment requests from one place.
  • Time & Attendance Dashboard: Review, approve, and send timesheets to payroll with a
    few clicks.
  • Bulk Updates: Manager, wage, and position updates can all be done in bulk.




HRIS Government Reports

Meet Unique Public Sector Needs

Our HRIS software is an out-of-the-box solution that meets the compliance and operational needs of the public sector.

  • Eligibility Management: Define eligibility, rates, and other calculations for benefits and absence plans based on specific unions or bargaining units.
  • Step and Scale Rates:  Track your compensation structure for employees paid through grades and steps. Automate employee anniversary or other step progressions through flexible rules.
  • Compliance Reporting: Federal employment equity reporting is delivered out-of-the box (EEO-4, EEO-5, EEO-1, VETS, or IPEDS).

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Our HRIS is an out-of-the-box solution that meets your unique operational and compliance public sector needs. As a part of the NEOGOV platform, data flows seamlessly with our Insight, Onboard, and Perform products.

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