Learning Management Solutions Built for the Public Sector

NEOGOV’s modern, configurable learning management solutions allow you to offer more training, reduce barriers to learning, and accommodate numerous learning styles. Create a better trained, more engaged, and more capable public sector workforce with our learning management system.

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How is NEOGOV Different from the Competition?

A user-friendly, 3-in-1 learning management solution combines content creation, training tracking, and an extensive course content library. Access a modern course catalog built for the public sector, an easy-to-use course builder, and detailed reporting tools for managers and administrators. Improve transparency with one centralized location for accurate records of all compliance and elective training.

Top Problems We Solve


Outdated Manual Processes

Eliminate unnecessary barriers to learning and automate employee development. Offer mobile-friendly training, replace in-person and instructor-led training with a comprehensive online course catalog, and provide easy ways for your HR team to track training in a centralized system.

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Limited Development Opportunities

Retain employees by equipping them to reach career development goals. Leverage our robust library of public-sector-specific training courses across career levels, upload or build custom courses, and design an employee development program specific to your organization.

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Lack of Transparency

Identify organizational skills gaps, ensure compliance with federal, state, and local training requirements, and easily track employee training. Use detailed reporting to make informed decisions about training initiatives across your organization.

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How We Help

Training Managers

Training Managers

NEOGOV provides training managers with easy ways to identify the status of training efforts. A user-friendly dashboard provides an overview of employee training and identifies any overdue tasks. Managers can develop organization-specific training and understand employee learning goals.

HR Directors

HR Directors

HR Directors get detailed reporting that demonstrates compliance with training standards and requirements. Reduce organizational liability with demonstrable proof that you’ve done your training due diligence. Automatic notifications for expiring certifications, licenses, and for upcoming required training ensure your employees and organization remain compliant.

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