Onboarding Solutions for the Public Sector

Public sector organizations across the U.S. use our onboarding solutions to automate new hire tasks, maintain compliance, and leave new hires prepared and productive from day one.

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How is Our Onboarding Software Different From the Competition?

NEOGOV’s HR onboarding solutions are built specifically to meet the unique needs of the public sector. One central hub keeps employees compliant, automates onboarding paperwork and tasks, and builds team culture with a personalized self-service employee portal.

Top Problems We Solve

Blinded PII Form

Meeting New Hire Compliance Requirements

Automate, assign, and track paperwork and cross-functional requests to ensure new hire compliance. Customize forms and checklists, track new hire progress to completion, and enjoy free eVerify integration.

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Onboarding Team Map

Lack of Resources and Connections for New Hires

A centralized hub provides all onboarding resources to new hires before day one. Clearly define goals and expectations, allow new hires to connect with supervisors and teammates, and assign training all from a personalized employee onboarding portal. 

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Save Time with Forms

Time-Consuming New Hire Tasks and Paperwork

Automate new hire paperwork and eliminate tedious processes for both managers and employees. Assign forms, track new hire progress, and customize requirements to fit your organization.

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Employer Branded Video

Inconsistent Employer Branding

Welcome new employees with a personalized self-service onboarding portal that provides checklists and progress reports. Customize the portal interface with your organization’s branding to immerse new hires in team culture prior to day one.

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How We Help

Payroll Manager

Payroll Managers

NEOGOV’s onboarding solutions allow payroll managers to easily build forms, send customized checklists, quickly update paperwork, and help ensure payroll is processed error-free. 

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers

NEOGOV's onboarding solutions provide hiring managers with tools that improve team culture, ensure compliance, track new hire progress, and prepare employees for continued success. 

Our Biggest Fans

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