Designed for the needs of public sector HR, the NEOGOV suite helps you attract, retain, develop, manage, and protect top talent. Discover how you can build a sustainable, attractive, and productive organization – all while saving time and money with our HR solutions.


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Top Problems Facing Government HR

Public sector HR deals with unique challenges across the employee lifecycle. In a competitive job seeker market, these problems are only expounded. Learn how NEOGOV addresses your toughest HR challenges with easy-to-use, industry-leading solutions.

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Recruiting Candidates

In today’s job seeker market, candidates have the luxury of picking their employer of choice. How do you compete with private sector organizations that can hire faster and offer more competitive salaries? Inefficient public sector recruiting processes can cause you to lose top talent, time, and money, and without reporting and analytics, those inefficiencies are often left unchecked.

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Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding goes hand in glove with paperwork, tasks, and training. Not to mention the reporting needed to meet public sector compliance requirements. But manual processes turn this pile of work into a mountain standing between you and your new employee’s productivity on day one. With all your other responsibilities, it can require more time and energy than you have.

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Employee Performance

Outdated or paper-based performance processes can create a negative cycle at your agency – performance reviews look different between managers, unconscious bias enters the evaluation process, staff aren’t properly developed, and employee KPIs don’t align with agency goals. This can lead to lower productivity, and over time, job dissatisfaction. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

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Staff Development

Employee training lets you reap the benefits of a skilled workforce while boosting retention. It sounds good in theory, but outdated training methods often get in the way: in-person scheduling and expenses, lack of gov-specific training resources, inability to track and report on training, and difficulty meeting compliance standards. Do any of these challenges resonate with you?

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Managing Employee Information

Is your data management thwarted by multiple systems and outdated processes? As an HR professional, you have too many responsibilities to spend time on data re-entry, employee data changes, and numerous questions from staff. When you factor in public sector complexities like benefits selection and pay and time rules, it’s clear that a single, integrated solution is needed.

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Policy Management

Say goodbye to time-intensive, manual tasks like gathering signatures on new policies, storing and organizing physical documents, controlling the correct version of each policy, and more. With a single source of truth for updating, distributing, and tracking policies, your government agencies no longer need to operate in silos. Ready to boost communication and accountability?

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