“NEOGOV has allowed us to use our resources in other areas that are more strategic focused and are related to the business needs rather than administrative.”

Yvette Martinez City and County of Denver, CO

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“NEOGOV's Insight software enables us to significantly reduce the amount of paper required during our recruitment and hiring process and allows our analysts to concentrate on spending more time managing the hiring process and interacting with our internal and external customers.”

Luke Leung Santa Clara County, CA

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“We get a more streamlined, minimum qualifications screening process. We get more accurate information. We get a referral list more quickly to the departments. So it's just a win-win for the departments. It's less work for HR.”

Steve Horn Tarrant County, TX

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“Even though we're getting a lot more applicants, we're able to screen them a lot quicker. In fact we're able to screen them every day. In the past we had stacks that we would not have gotten to in a week or two.”

Erica Queen Gwinnett County, GA

“Having worked with other software companies, I was really surprised at the customer service and the level of personal service that we have been able to receive from NEOGOV. It's an incredible customer service experience for us. Our applicants love NEOGOV. It is very easy to use.”

Christine Santiago McCarran Airport, Clark County, NV

“It is a pleasure to work with a software vendor who really listens to their customers and develops products that civil service agencies actually need. We have had a wonderful experience working with NEOGOV and always look forward to new, improved system enhancements.”

Craig Haines Long Beach, CA

“The User Conference, it's amazing—the people that you get to know, the networking, just talking to other clients of NEOGOV to find out how they go through their processes.”

Yvette Martinez City and County of Denver, CO

“One of the things we've been able to do in using NEOGOV is that we've been able to become more strategic in our recruitments. The whole process of recruiting and selecting and hiring has become more strategic and efficient in using the system.”

Kristin Olsen Lynwood Unified School District, CA

“With our old system only 54% of applicants were applying online. Within the first three months of using NEOGOV, we have 95% of applicants applying online.”

Debbie Nishiyama State of Hawaii

“The hiring managers appreciate that they can get a list right away. We used to send paper applications through our pony mail, and it used to take 3 to 5 days to get a list. Now, they can get a list within minutes from requesting it.”

Sherae Moresco Santa Clara County, CA

“I would say that not only the administrative cost have been reduced, our time alone as recruitment specialists has been reduced in the screening process and the certification process. We now can engage in other functions of our position.”

Lisa Neagle City of Goodyear, AZ

"If you have not yet tried NEOGOV, you are working too hard. You are not working intuitively. Once you have tried NEOGOV, you will realize how easy it is to actually run your whole staffing process without breaking a sweat."

Andreas Pyper County of Santa Barbara, CA