Applicant Tracking System

Public sector hiring doesn't have to be so complicated.

Eliminate the burden of manual processes for both your HR team and candidates with an applicant tracking system that streamlines complex public sector hiring.


Speed Up Hiring

Identify top applicants with ease and seamlessly move them through the hiring steps. 


Customize Processes

Feel empowered with a solution that configures to all your nuanced hiring needs.


Make a Good Impression

Meet applicant expectations by providing the modern experience they want.

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The tools in Insight for screening candidates save an exponential amount of time and effort to qualify candidates.” 

Joe O’Neill, Senior Human Resources Analyst, Southern Nevada Health District


Configure job postings to your unique needs and processes

  • Supplemental questions: Add custom questions to applications to get the specific information you need.
  • Custom workflows: Define workflows by job type, department, and more to ensure every requisition gets the proper approvals.
  • Specialty career pages: Create branded career sites with for various jobs types and/or departments.




Make your jobs visible across multiple talent networks

  • Public sector job board: Automatically share your open jobs to over 20 million public sector job seekers on
  • Talent search: Reach out to talent who applied for past roles about new job openings that match their skills.

Provide a great applicant experience at every step

  • Automated communications: Update applicants on their application status with automated emails and texts so they never feel forgotten.
  • Self-scheduling: Let applicants schedule interviews and exams without all the back-and-forth.
  • Digital offer letters: Immediately send chosen candidates a digital offer letter and get compliant e-signatures.


Insight-PII Blinding-Screenshot


Uncover qualified applicants quickly and fairly

  • Auto-screening: Automatically screen and rank candidates based on responses to supplemental questions and/or residency preferences.
  • PII Blinding: Hide personally identifiable information (PII) on applications to support fair hiring.
  • Eligible lists: Easily organize and refer applicants who completed all required steps to hiring leaders.

Get a clear view of every stage in your hiring process

  • Real-time data insights: View hiring analytics on open roles, time-to-hire, and more to know what’s going well.
  • Reports: Run out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports and export them for sharing and compliance.
  • EEO reporting: Measure applicant ethnicity, gender, and more to stay on track with your diversity hiring goals.



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