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make workflows easier and put an end to chasing forms


Never lose a form or manage deadlines with spreadsheets again. Welcome to eForms. Easily create online forms and build seamless workflows in minutes.



Say Goodbye to Chasing Forms

Convert any existing PDF into a digital form or create your own from scratch. Automate the distribution, submission, tracking, and approval of HR forms with customized digital workflows, routing, and eSignatures.

Empower Your Workforce with Employee Self Service

Allow employees to self-initiate processes and track statuses to completion. Save time by eliminating employee questions about the status of a process.  

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Create Employee Accountability

Create processes that put responsibility into the hands of employees. Drive accountability through notifications and reporting, ensuring employees take actions. Do away with manual reminders and get more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Easily Manage Documents Digitally

Modernize your processes by eliminating paper and messy spreadsheets. Make organization easy by managing all employee documents digitally. Protect sensitive HR data by setting different user roles and controlling permissions.

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