A component of the Develop module, Perform empowers managers to evaluate employees and provide ongoing feedback

Track employee performance and provide constructive feedback to build a more capable workforce.



NEOGOV’s performance management software automates annual and probationary employee evaluations, allowing your HR team and department heads to identify skills gaps and areas of improvement in their employees. Perform is the only full-featured performance management software in the marketplace with specific public sector functionality and a mobile-friendly interface.



Created for You and Your Employees

Automate employee performance review processes

Increase transparency and engagement between employees and managers

Pinpoint shortcomings and growth opportunities for professional development

Continuous Feedback

Perform allows for continuous communication with employees by providing manager feedback and goal tracking through email notifications, mobile or desktop journals, and scheduled and recurring check-ins. Managers can complete journal entries throughout the year to document performance and refer back during performance reviews.

  • Schedule periodic check-ins to provide feedback and track goal progress
  • Implement PIPs (performance improvement plans) and electronically document every step of the process
  • Managers can use journal entries to keep notes on employee performance throughout the year to avoid recency bias

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Reporting for Perform

Reporting & Data

With Perform’s reports and dashboards, analyze individual employee, team, or departmental data to identify skill gaps across the agency and optimize employee development based on common themes.

  • Easily analyze data and identify bottlenecks in the evaluation process
  • Track status of performance review completion across managers and departments
  • Measure goal achievement progress and determine where additional training is needed within the organization
  • Quickly identify employees eligible for a merit increase

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Public Sector-Focused

Designed specifically for the public sector, Perform includes multiple features to ensure compliance and accommodate different processes tailored to meet common use cases of the public sector.

  • Automatically adds shift managers to public safety evaluations
  • Multiple managers can collaborate on a single evaluation
  • Generate automatic employee acknowledgment tasks
  • Handles varying frequencies and approval workflows to maintain efficiency

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