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NEOGOV supports public sector organizations of all sizes with comprehensive policy management systems. Learn why government HR trusts NEOGOV to manage policies, protect critical information, promote staff accountability, communicate more effectively, and build cultures of compliance.

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How is Our Policy Software Different From the Competition?

NEOGOV Policy is built specifically for the needs of public sector policy admins, HR directors, and training managers. Our easy-to-use system automates manual processes and simplifies compliance, letting you update, distribute, and track policies more efficiently while maintaining control over a single living version of every document.

Top Problems We Solve


Outdated Policy Processes

A central repository makes it easy to store, track, find, and manage policies across their entire lifecycle. Update and distribute policies 4x faster than paper-based processes while ensuring only the most recent version of documents are available to employees. 

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Poor Cross-Agency Communication

Automated workflows streamline collaboration between SMEs and stakeholders across departments in your organization. Easily distribute important information to specific groups, or the entire agency, and provide 24/7 access to policies and procedures.

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Unprepared for Crises

Maintain essential operations and communication with your staff during crises, whether you’re facing a cyberattack or a pandemic. Cyberattack response folders with permission levels give you access to pertinent documents. Our mobile app ensures staff can access, sign, and receive push notifications on documents from any device.

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Wrongful Termination Liability

Protect your organization with audit trails. NEOGOV tracks the complete history of every document in its system, including who has read, signed, edited, and approved each version. Automatically notify employees about documents pending their review and promote accountability with eSignature capture and tracking.

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How We Help

HR Directors

HR Directors

By ensuring staff compliance and reducing the liability of wrongful termination lawsuits, NEOGOV’s policy management solutions help HR Directors protect their organizations.

City Managers

City Managers

NEOGOV’s policy management solutions provide city administrators with an easy-to-use platform that integrates multiple processes to save time, reduce errors, and improve operational efficiencies. 

Training Managers

Training Managers

With easy ways to track training, ensure compliance, and develop organization-specific training, NEOGOV’s policy management tool helps training managers set and maintain organizational standards.

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