Part of the Develop module, Learn provides a centralized training solution with a library of courses, development programs, and tracking

Online employee training to cultivate growth, promote excellence, and improve retention.



NEOGOV’s learning management system promotes employee training with an easy-to-use system for HR, department managers, and employees. Learn eliminates the administrative burden of managing multiple employee training programs by providing a centralized online HR LMS platform designed for the specific needs of the public sector.



Created for You and Your Employees

Designed for the public sector

Centralize training and tracking

Promote employee growth

Custom Course Library

Build customized courses, upload SCORM, or use any of the over 1,500 courses in NEOGOV’s course library. With a robust and growing catalog, our employee training LMS offers pre-built courses in Employment Liability, Human Capital, Health and Safety, Law Enforcement, Public Works, and many more public sector-focused courses. Create your own courses and add quizzes to Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, online videos, and more.

  • Growing library of 1500+ pre-built courses
  • Easy to upload or build custom courses and quizzes
  • Easily group courses into learning plans for new supervisor training
  • Includes courses specifically for hiring managers, such as Lawful Hiring, Guide to Interviewing, and Uncovering Implicit Bias

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Modernize Processes

Learn’s mobile experience and integration with Google and Outlook calendars make it easy for employees to stay informed of course requirements and complete them on the go. Use automated notifications and reminders to increase engagement and improve class attendance rates.

  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Increase accountability and participation

Reporting & Compliance

Using the Learn HR LMS, reduce risk and liability claims with consistent, trackable courses, and license/certification renewal reminders. Easily store results, completions, and generate the reports you need to show compliance. Use Learn’s quick visual indicators of progress across or within departments. View the status of course enrollment, completion, and overdue courses.

  • Track both online training and classroom course completion
  • Monitor individual and department progress
  • Reduce risk and liability with reports

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Case Study - San Luis Obispo County - Learn




NEOGOV’s performance management software automates annual and probationary employee evaluations, allowing your HR team and department heads to identify skills gaps and areas of improvement in their employees. Learn More 



"If you have not yet tried NEOGOV, you are working too hard. You are not working intuitively. Once you have tried NEOGOV, you will realize how easy it is to actually run your whole staffing process without breaking a sweat."
Andreas Pyper
County of Santa Barbara, CA
“I would say that not only the administrative cost have been reduced, our time alone as recruitment specialists has been reduced in the screening process and the certification process. We now can engage in other functions of our position.”
City of Goodyear, AZ
“NEOGOV's Insight software enables us to significantly reduce the amount of paper required during our recruitment and hiring process and allows our analysts to concentrate on spending more time managing the hiring process and interacting with our internal and external customers.”
Santa Clara County, CA
“With our old system only 54% of applicants were applying online. Within the first three months of using NEOGOV, we have 95% of applicants applying online.”
State of Hawaii
“One of the things we've been able to do in using NEOGOV is that we've been able to become more strategic in our recruitments. The whole process of recruiting and selecting and hiring has become more strategic and efficient in using the system.”
Lynwood Unified School District, CA