How NEOGOV Recruitment Software is Different than the Competition

by Mike Tannian on November 30, 2022

The Right Solutions for Public Sector Recruitment

The public sector recruitment process presents unique challenges. The software solutions you choose to support sourcing, attracting, hiring, and retaining quality candidates should come from a company with proven public sector experience. NEOGOV has proudly and exclusively served the public sector for over 20 years.

Facing a smaller candidate pool, fierce competition, and changing workplace expectations, hiring quality candidates today requires a new approach. The right recruitment software can help.

The public sector is uniquely suited to appeal to workers who value the opportunity to do meaningful work. But a slow and impersonal application process often gets in the way of turning applicants into hires.

NEOGOV recruitment software, including Insight, Attract, and, will eliminate the issues causing headaches for candidates and help you share the unique aspects of your organization that make it appealing to job seekers. Get easy-to-use tools that empower your staff without adding to their workload. Develop your organization's brand, better engage with candidates, automate compliance and time-consuming recruitment processes, and create a pipeline of top talent.

Read on to discover the NEOGOV recruitment software features that help you source, screen, and engage candidates, turning them from leads to hires to productive employees.

What Makes NEOGOV Recruitment Software Different?

A One-Stop Solution

Effective recruitment requires sourcing, screening, engaging, and ultimately hiring quality candidates. Attract, Insight, and work together to provide comprehensive support for every stage of your recruitment process and form a crucial part of NEOGOV’s overall HCM solution.

Built for the Public Sector

Your recruitment solutions should reflect the unique needs of public sector hiring. With features to automate compliance, track diversity health, and integrate background checks, you can lessen the workload for your staff while meeting public sector requirements.

Brand-Building Made Easy

Strong company culture attracts quality candidates. NEOGOV’s easy-to-use tools help build your brand without needing specialized personnel with IT or graphic design knowledge. Customizable landing page templates, forms and calls to action, and personalized communication help you stand out in the applicant market.

Data-Driven Improvements

Detailed reports give you a clear view of what’s working and what’s not in your recruitment process. With analytics and reporting on your candidates and job postings from start to finish, you can adequately target efforts, determine ROI, and consistently make improvements.

Access Qualified Candidates is the #1 public sector job board in the country and gives you immediate access to over 1.5 million candidates. With unlimited job postings, and the ability to boost posts for hard-to-fill positions, you can set yourself up for success by targeting the correct candidates from the start. With Attract’s virtual recruiter feature, you can access a database of past applicants and automate outreach for jobs that are not receiving enough applications.

Faster Hiring Process

With the ability to pre-screen candidates and set up auto-screening for minimum qualifications, you can ease the burden on staff while significantly cutting down on time to hire. Customize scoring with job-specific questions, and allow candidates to gather electronic references that are easy for HR to review quickly. NEOGOV’S automated, online process saves time from application to hire.

Better Candidate Communication

Automated tools to offer personalized text messages and emails throughout the application process engage candidates without burdening your staff. Create a consistent application experience that keeps candidates excited to apply when the right jobs become available. With Attract’s virtual recruiter feature, you can automate outreach to new and past applicants about job openings.

Multiple Lead Sources, One Centralized Location

Keep all your leads in one place. Prospects from past hiring cycles, events, social media, lead channels, and are easily accessible in a single, cloud-based location.

“One of the things we've been able to do in using NEOGOV is that we've been able to become more strategic in our recruitments. The whole process of recruiting and selecting and hiring has become more strategic and efficient in using the system."

-KRISTIN OLSEN, Lynwood Unified School District, CA

“NEOGOV's Insight software enables us to significantly reduce the amount of paper required during our recruitment and hiring process and allows our analysts to concentrate on spending more time managing the hiring process and interacting with our internal and external customers.”-

-LUKE LEUNG, Santa Clara County, CA

“I would say that not only the administrative cost have been reduced, our time alone as recruitment specialists has been reduced in the screening process and the certification process. We now can engage in other functions of our position.

-LISA NEAGLE, City of Goodyear, AZ

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