How NEOGOV Employee Performance Management Software Helps Your Organization

by Mike Tannian on December 12, 2022

Performance Support for Managers and Employees

NEOGOV performance management software provides managers and employees with powerful, user-friendly tools that better equip them to meet organizational goals.

Consistent and meaningful feedback fosters employee development and encourages individuals to grow within your organization. But time-consuming manual review processes, a lack of transparent performance metrics, and insufficient data on what’s working often prevent individuals and organizations from efficiently reaching their goals.

NEOGOV performance management software can help. With user-friendly tools that automate processes, provide detailed data reports, and create more transparency, you can improve manager/employee relationships while improving performance.

Perform is an integrated performance management software that works seamlessly with NEOGOV’s Onboard, Insight, and Learn products. Making it another powerful piece to add to your HR management solutions.

Read on to discover how NEOGOV supports specific stakeholders in your organization.

How We Help You

Perform is configurable to your organization's needs and offers significant benefits to managers and HR directors.


Perform provides managers with user-friendly ways to consistently offer valuable feedback, eliminate time-consuming processes, and improve employee relationships and performance.

Eliminate paper-based processes

Perform saves you time and resources by automating task tracking, performance reviews, and training. By streamlining your performance management process you can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on making feedback and training valuable.

Improve Employee/Manager Relationships

Perform provides easy ways for managers to set goals and expectations together with employees, improving transparency in the evaluation process. User-friendly ways for tracking progress show employees how they’re contributing to organizational goals.

Offer Consistently Valuable Feedback

With features like recurring check-ins and journal entries, you can automate the process of providing feedback and address performance issues as they arise. With easy ways to log observation notes, you can make year-end reviews easier while getting a holistic view of employee performance.

HR Directors

Perform provides HR directors with data to ensure they’re working towards organizational goals and tools to ensure employees are compliant and productive.

Foster a Culture of Growth

With easy ways for managers to offer positive performance notes and track goals and training, you can turn high-performers into long-term employees. Perform showcases employee skills, strengths, certifications, licenses, and more, motivating employees and allowing HR to easily discover qualified candidates to promote from within.

Ensure Compliance

With tools to ensure the appropriate number of reviewers on evaluations, auto-reminders to ensure evaluations are conducted at appropriate times, and embedded language scanners that flag inappropriate words in feedback, you can rest assured managers and employees remain compliant.

The Data to Improve

Perform's reports and dashboards allow you to analyze employee, team, and department data. Get insights into high and low performers, and bottlenecks in the evaluation process, and measure goal achievement progress. With the correct data, you can target areas needing improvement and ensure a consistently high-performing team. 

"The ease & flexibility of having performance evaluations online has been a huge factor that generates feedback from employees."
-Darcy Lowery, City of Avondale, AZ

“PE really provides a platform that’s customizable and allows us to generate meaningful evaluations.”
Julie Broome, HR Director, Union County, NC

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To learn more about the features that make NEOGOV performance management software the best choice for public sector organizations please read our article How We’re Different.

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