How NEOGOV Employee Performance Management Software is Different than the Competition

by Mike Tannian on December 12, 2022

The Right Solution for HR Performance Management

The right performance management software helps increase employee productivity, aligns employee and organizational goals, and improves the relationship between managers and employees.

But many government agencies are stuck trying to customize software that’s built for the private sector. They spend significant time on workarounds to meet public sector needs and end up with a system that can be just as time-consuming and frustrating as outdated manual processes.

NEOGOV performance management software is different because it's built for the public sector and contains functionality designed to serve your public sector organization right from the start. It also seamlessly integrates with NEOGOV’s Learn, Onboard, and Insight solutions.  

Performance management software can be the difference-maker in keeping employees engaged, achieving individual and company-wide goals, and creating a work culture of professional development. With NEOGOV, managers no longer have to deal with tedious and time-consuming processes that get in the way of tracking progress and providing meaningful feedback.

Read on to discover what makes NEOGOV performance management software different and why it's the right choice for public sector organizations of all sizes.

What Makes NEOGOV Performance Management Software Different?

Built for the Public Sector

Perform contains multiple features to ensure public sector compliance and it’s customizable to fit different departments in your organization. Automatically add shift managers to public safety evaluations, allow multiple managers to easily collaborate on a single evaluation, and much more.

Automation Saves You Time

No more inefficient paper-driven processes that prevent your team from performing at their best. From evaluations to ongoing feedback, to development plans, Perform has tools to automate tasks and also allows users to take action from their mobile devices.

Data Helps You Improve

Greater transparency and real-time reporting throughout the evaluation process give you valuable insight into your employees and organization. Easily spot bottlenecks, assess high and low performers, and better understand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Consistent Employee Development

Perform provides tools that allow managers to provide meaningful feedback quickly and easily. With journal entries, managers can consistently log observations and easily share positive performance notes. By centralizing certifications, strengths, work history, and more, HR and managers can easily access qualified candidates from within for promotions.

Strategic Goal Alignment

Aligning individual goals with organization-wide objectives keeps employees engaged and your organization on track for success. With easy tools that provide transparency into how your employees are contributing, you’re able to track progress, improve communication, and encourage your team to work together to reach milestones.

"The ease & flexibility of having performance evaluations online has been a huge factor that generates feedback from employees."
-Darcy Lowery, City of Avondale, AZ

“PE really provides a platform that’s customizable and allows us to generate meaningful evaluations.”
Julie Broome, HR Director, Union County, NC

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To learn how NEOGOV performance management software supports specific members of your organization please read our article How We Help.

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