How NEOGOV Onboarding Software Helps Your Organization

by Mike Tannian on November 30, 2022

Support for Every Step of Your Onboarding Process

NEOGOV onboarding software provides powerful, user-friendly tools that enable existing staff to be more effective and new hires to be prepared and productive from day one.

A consistent and positive onboarding experience can be the difference-maker between losing and retaining quality candidates. Time-consuming manual processes, inconsistent employer branding, scattered resources, and difficulty tracking compliance requirements all contribute to overburdening existing staff and preventing new hires from having a positive onboarding experience. NEOGOV onboarding software can help.

With simple, easy-to-use tools that empower your staff to improve communication and collaboration between departments, automate compliance, and showcase company culture, you can improve individual performance and better meet organizational goals.

Read on to discover how NEOGOV supports specific stakeholders in your organization and helps turn new hires into productive and happy employees.

How We Help You

NEOGOV onboarding software supports preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding with powerful, simple-to-use tools. With no IT knowledge or specialized training required, you can equip your employees to perform more effectively while saving your organization time and resources.

Hiring Managers

NEOGOV onboarding software provides hiring managers with easy ways to showcase company culture and prepares new hires to be compliant and productive from day one.

Empower Employees and Save Time

By allowing new employees to complete onboarding tasks online before their start date, you save existing staff time and resources and empower new hires. A centralized hub provides all onboarding resources to new hires before day one and lets them connect with coworkers and define goals and expectations.

Compliance Made Easy

Easily track new hire progress from one centralized location. With customizable checklists and forms, you can receive automatic updates when new hire checklists are incomplete and send automatic reminders to new hires. Ensure new employees are compliant and prepared before day one.

Consistent Company Culture

Provide a personalized welcome to new hires in your organization with customizable landing pages. The employee portal extends well beyond forms and tasks and allows you to share company culture, provide access to onboarding resources, and personally welcome new hires.

Payroll Managers

NEOGOV onboarding software provides payroll managers with quick and easy ways to find and update employee information, communicate with other departments, and collect payroll information error-free

Instantly Access Employee Information

Forget digging through manual personnel folders or different databases. NEOGOV onboarding comes with search features that make employee information instantly accessible. With a simple name search, you can find and update employee information with just a few clicks.

Easy Form-Building

With an easy-to-use form builder, payroll managers don't need specialized skills or IT knowledge to quickly and easily add custom forms to an employee checklist. Additionally, payroll managers can access a global form library and utilize the NEOGOV-provided federal W-4 form.

Cross-Department Communication

Paper processes cause simple tasks to become unnecessarily time-consuming as they slowly make their way between departments. With NEOGOV onboarding software, you can instantly communicate with other parties and assign and share forms for completion with IT, managers, parking, and more.

"Onboard greatly cuts back on the amount of time we need to spend with every employee. It’s nice to be able to give the new employee information before they start. They are excited to get started and learn more about us."
-MARLENE ERGEN - College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University

“I can go to form-builder, I can create a form, I can add all the fields I need, click done, and I can instantly add that form to the employee checklist. I don’t need IT knowledge or Adobe knowledge to easily make a form and get it to an employee.”
-Bryan Kauffman, Payroll and Benefits Administrator, The City of Lansing

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To learn more about the features that make NEOGOV your best choice for onboarding software, please read our article How We’re Different.

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