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NEOGOV supports public sector organizations of all sizes with comprehensive recruitment solutions for every stage of the process. Explore our dedicated learning library to learn more about attracting qualified candidates, improving your candidate experience, and streamlining hiring processes to reduce costs and accelerate time-to-hire with a recruiting management system.

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How is Our Recruiting Software Different from the Competition?

 NEOGOV's user-friendly recruiting tools were built for the unique needs of public sector HR. Our software cohesively integrates a public sector job board, an applicant tracking system, and a candidate relationship manager to deliver a more efficient and compliant recruitment process.

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Top Problems We Solve


Attracting Qualified Candidates

Discover, attract, and retain the best candidates for your organization. Enjoy seamless integration with our job board Governmentjobs.com and develop a steady pipeline of top talent. 

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Cumbersome Recruitment Processes

Automate your hiring process and take the heavy lifting off your team. Autorank potential candidates, get comprehensive data reporting, and allow candidates to access a self-service portal. 

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Poor Candidate Experience

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, creating a positive candidate experience is a must. Develop a streamlined and personalized recruitment process that helps you attract top talent. 

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Lack of Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven recruiting tools to reduce guesswork and fill positions faster. Better understand the candidate experience, recruiting costs, time-to-hire, and time-to-productivity in your organization.

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How We Help

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HR Directors

NEOGOV’s recruiting solutions support HR Directors by providing robust analytics to inform decision-making, keep staff compliant, and automate time-consuming manual processes.

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Recruiters get a streamlined way to manage and communicate with applicants, robust data reports to direct recruiting strategies, and easy-to-use solutions that automate lead sourcing.

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City Managers

NEOGOV’s recruiting solutions provide City Managers with intuitive software, data to inform budgets and analyze operational efficiencies, and tools to help improve public perception.

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If you are interested in investing in recruitment software, check out this list from NEOGOV. These options are ideal for organizations in the public sector.

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Using recruitment software offers a variety of benefits for government agencies. Learn more about investing in recruitment software online at NEOGOV today.

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The success of your organization depends on skilled professionals. Discover best practices to recruit and retain talent in the public sector online at NEOGOV.

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Feel like your hiring process takes forever? Learn how to reduce time to hire in public sector and educational orgs so you stop losing quality candidates.

Learn how to reduce time to hire.

Are you looking to diversify your workforce to better serve your community? Discover the 9 best practices for creating a diverse workplace online at NEOGOV.

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