How NEOGOV Policy Helps Your Organization

by Alexandrea Davis on February 16, 2023

Centralized Document Management to Support Government Compliance

Read on to discover how NEOGOV Policy supports key members of your team.

NEOGOV Policy simplifies how you update, store, manage, and distribute government policies. This HR document management software allows you to maintain a single living version of every policy, giving you complete confidence in your workforce.

Built for the unique compliance requirements of the public sector, NEOGOV Policy is a vital government compliance software tool that helps protect your agency from crises and liability. Enforce employee accountability at all times with automatic notifications, eSignature capture and tracking, and a mobile app for 24/7 access to critical documents.

Plus, update policies 4x faster and communicate more effectively across departments and stakeholders with automated workflows. NEOGOV Policy ensures your workforce can focus on serving the community rather than frustrating manual document management.

Read on to discover how NEOGOV Policy supports key members of your team.

How We Help You

Maintaining government policies and procedures across their entire lifecycle presents distinct challenges for HR Directors, City Managers, Supervisors, and staff. NEOGOV Policy provides a reliable system for keeping policies up-to-date and ensuring employee compliance.

HR Directors

NEOGOV Policy supports HR Directors with one easy-to-use, automated platform to support workforce compliance and better communication with staff and stakeholders.

Build a Culture of Compliance

Disorganized, manual document management is time-consuming and prone to costly liability risks. With NEOGOV Policy, you can ensure complete access and version control of every document to maintain the highest standards of compliance.

Centralize All Your Policies

Paper processes or mixed-media systems are inefficient and lead to lost documents, wasting valuable time and creating compliance risks. NEOGOV Policy centralizes all your policies to give everyone 24/7 access to the most up-to-date essential documents.

Automate & Improve Collaboration

Improve communication and collaboration – both internally and externally – with automated workflows in NEOGOV Policy. Edit, review, and discuss document changes conveniently within the platform to support faster, better decision-making.

City Managers

NEOGOV Policy helps City Managers simplify policy management and distribution in one central repository that streamlines operations and reduces risk to the agency.

Meet Community Expectations

By maintaining compliance, you demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent services, promoting positive public relations and meeting community expectations.

Save Money & Stay on Budget

Eliminating paper processes, decentralized systems, and laborious manual policy management saves employee time and reduces paper costs to keep you on budget.

Work More Efficiently

NEOGOV Policy streamlines document management and automates manual tasks with custom workflows, improving efficiency so you can update policies 4x faster.


NEOGOV Policy enables Supervisors to hold employees accountable to important documents with notifications and document tracking, saving time and mitigating liability.  

Promote Accountability

NEOGOV Policy ensures staff understand your policies and government requirements, and can easily find the most up-to-date information they need. Promote accountability at all times with a mobile app, eSignatures and tracking, and real-time notifications.

Maintain Critical Reporting  

Demonstrate clear audit trails and version histories with custom, shareable reports in NEOGOV Policy. Using one central repository makes it easy to find the documents you need to prove compliance during an audit and mitigate liability risks.

Communicate More Effectively

Schedule one-time or recurring reminders to review and update key documents, and send automated notifications when it’s time for employees to review policies. NEOGOV Policy effectively communicates changes for you to efficiently drive staff to action.

"Revise a policy with one click, release it to hundreds of people, creating accountability for supervisors to be able to see exactly who has signed off on policies."

- Will Stone, Sergeant at Seminole County Sheriff's Office

“[The software] helps our employees feel confident in what they’re doing day-to-day and it helps management feel confident that everything is being done consistently.”

- Jessica Erickson, Campus Safety at Milton Hershey School

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