How NEOGOV HRIS Helps Your Organization

by Mike Tannian on January 09, 2023

One Integrated System Built for the Public Sector

NEOGOV HRIS consolidates your Core HR, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance into one easy-to-use system.

Built to serve complex public sector processes, NEOGOV HRIS is an out-of-the-box solution that empowers your staff to work more efficiently with powerful tools that don’t require specific skills or a steep learning curve.

Save time by automating tedious data-entry tasks, reduce errors with exception-based payroll processing, and simplify your employee data management operations. With NEOGOV HRIS, you can put the focus back on strategic tasks instead of time-consuming data management.

Read on to discover how NEOGOV HRIS supports different members of your team.

How We Help You

Managing employee information and processes presents unique challenges for HR Directors, City Managers, Payroll Managers, and staff. NEOGOV HRIS provides targeted support that helps everyone succeed.

HR Directors

NEOGOV HRIS provides HR Directors with an out-of-the-box solution that accommodates unique public sector needs.

Simplify Payroll and Benefits Processes

Complex payroll and benefits processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and increase liability risks. NEOGOV HRIS automates your processes to save time while maintaining the highest standards of public sector compliance.

Eliminate Multiple Systems

Using multiple systems that don’t work well together creates inefficient processes that lead to duplicate work and frustration for staff. With NEOGOV HRIS, you get one centralized system to manage employee data and processes.

Automate Manual Tasks

Increase employee satisfaction by automating slow, manual tasks. Instead of staff spending time on tedious data entry, they can focus on strategic initiatives that improve your organization.

City Managers

NEOGOV HRIS provides city managers with a way to consolidate systems and improve operational efficiency with an automated solution.

Meet Community Expectations

By consolidating your processes into one system, you reduce the number of technology tools staff need to manage and free them up to focus on managing public relations and meeting community expectations.

Save Money and Stay on Budget

Eliminating paper processes, multiple systems, and employee hours dedicated to time-consuming manual tasks saves you money and helps keep you on budget.

Improve Operational Efficiency

NEOGOV HRIS helps you modernize your employee data management and processes. Easy-to-use tools empower staff to work more efficiently, improving individual and operational performance.

Payroll Managers

NEOGOV HRIS simplifies and automates complex payroll processes. Payroll managers save time, reduce errors, and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for staff.  

Eliminate Manual Rekeying

NEOGOV HRIS eliminates the need to rekey or manually update data. With one consolidated system, updates to employee information or benefits elections are automatically updated everywhere.

Reporting Made Easy  

NEOGOV HRIS provides robust, out-of-the-box reports and an easy-to-use report builder. Easily access the data you need in one centralized location and build customized reports to fit your organization.

Reduce Errors and Save Time

Automate time-consuming manual tasks and enjoy built-in checks and balances to avoid errors. With an exception-based payroll process, you can focus only on necessary updates and save significant time while processing error-free payroll. 

"Previously, we had 3 different platforms, so bringing it all onto a common platform with a single login is a big plus."
-Jim Larson, Finance Director, City of West Fargo, ND

“Our payroll team previously spent an enormous amount of time manually processing payroll. Now that we’ve got everything integrated, we’ve seen tremendous savings in manpower hours.” 
-Andrew Esposito, HR Director, Pascua Yaqui Tribe

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