A component of the Recruit module, Insight is NEOGOV’s applicant tracking solution, designed exclusively for the public sector

Efficiently attract and hire high quality candidates, while maintaining compliance with reporting.



Built to serve the public sector, NEOGOV’s applicant tracking system automates the hiring process and meets compliance requirements, reducing time to hire. With easy-to-use job application templates and an applicant self-service portal, Insight makes it easier to find and hire more qualified candidates.



Created for You and Your Employees


Public Sector


Compliance & Fairness Automation




Automates Recruiting & Hiring

Candidate Scoring

As candidates apply, Insight pre-screens them using auto-scoring to highlight the best candidates. By showing weighted scores and rankings based on screening protocols, tests, and interviews, Insight helps you narrow candidates down and find the best fit.

  • Configurable screening hurdles and weights
  • Customize scoring rules to rank candidates
  • Generate and manage your ranked eligible list

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Insight Summary


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Comprehensive Reporting

Insight’s easy-to-navigate reports and dashboards help optimize the hiring process by offering data visualization and analysis. With Insight you get more than 90 standard reports, advanced ad-hoc reporting, adverse impact statistics, and dashboards that help you make more informed hiring decisions. 

  • Monitor job health and boost job postings to increase your exposure and reach more candidates.
  • Perform passpoint analysis to ensure hiring does not result in adverse impact
  • Analyze recruitment timelines to identify opportunities to reduce your time to hire

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Candidate Self-Service Portal

Maintain transparency and streamline communication for both the applicant and HR with an online self-service portal. Save time by giving applicants the ability to check the status of their application and self-schedule written exams, oral panel interviews, and performance tests.

  • Allow candidates to monitor where they are in the application process
  • View all email notifications sent by the employer in the job seeker inbox
  • Access complete application history for all jobs the candidate has applied for
  • Enable candidates to self-schedule interviews and assessments

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Key Features


Text Messaging

Text message candidates with updates on the status of their application, send interview reminders, alert them to next steps in the process, and more! Texting is an efficient and effective way to keep candidates informed and engaged with your application process.

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Background Check Integrations

With NEOGOV’s background check integrations you can quickly initiate, track, report, and take next steps based on background check results. Choose from a variety of vendors with pre-built connectors to expedite the hiring process.

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