How NEOGOV Learning Management Software is Different than the Competition

by Mike Tannian on December 12, 2022

The Right Solution for Public Sector HR Learning Management

A high-functioning learning management system keeps staff engaged, makes them more productive, and encourages them to remain long-term employees by investing in their career development.

Many public sector organizations want to offer employees a robust training program but struggle with outdated processes, scattered resources, and courses that don’t meet their needs. Inefficient processes place an extra burden on training managers and staff, leading to wasted resources and poor results.

NEOGOV learning management software can help. With tools that automate time-consuming processes, NEOGOV equips your organization to reduce barriers to learning and offer relevant training without burdening your staff.

Built specifically for the public sector, Learn from NEOGOV is powerful learning management software that provides user-friendly tools and resources to keep employees engaged, compliant, and productive.

Read on to discover the specific features that make Learn the best choice for your public sector learning management system.

What Makes NEOGOV Learning Management Software Different?

Built for the Public Sector

Learn contains built-in functionality designed to serve the unique needs of the public sector. Choose from over 1400 pre-built public sector-focused courses and ensure compliance with easy ways to track employee training. Reduce liability and remain compliant with auto-notifications for expiring certifications and licenses.

A 3-in-1 Solution

Learn provides your organization with preloaded courses, an easy-to-use course builder, and easy tools to track training. Get everything you need to offer targeted career development to your employees without burdening staff or requiring specific IT knowledge.

Connect Your HR Processes

Learn integrates with NEOGOV’s Perform and Onboard products, connecting your employee onboarding, performance, and learning processes. From one centralized location, you can keep new hires productive from day one, measure performance and address skill gaps, and foster ongoing growth and development.

Automate Employee Development

With a modern configurable system, Learn can accommodate a variety of learning styles. With automated notifications and reminders, self-enrollment, and a mobile-friendly interface, Learn eliminates the need for classroom learning and increases accountability and participation.

Easily Create Custom Training

Create a training program specific to your organization with an easy-to-use course builder and the ability to group courses into learning plans. With Learn you can address skill gaps while fostering growth and development. 

“We chose NEOGOV because it is user-friendly and public sector focused. In many ways, it contains best practices for public sector HR and thus, as releases occur, it keeps our systems renewed and fresh and we can continuously improve.”
-Deborah Erb, HR Business Analyst, San Luis Obispo County

“The online products & services they provide are invaluable for fulfilling our diverse & disperse training needs, as well as being affordable, & cost-effective.” 
-Tracy D. Gallo, State of Vermont

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