How NEOGOV Learning Management Software Helps Your Organization

by Mike Tannian on December 12, 2022

A Comprehensive Solution For Employee Development

NEOGOV learning management software provides your organization with a centralized online platform for employee training and development.  

With user-friendly tools to offer customized courses, track training progress, and automate employee learning, you can create a more productive workforce all while meeting public sector compliance requirements.

Many public sector organizations want to offer continued career development to employees but struggle with scattered resources and time-consuming processes that burden staff. Learn from NEOGOV can help.

A powerful but user-friendly learning management software, Learn is a 3-in-1 solution offering pre-built public sector courses, an easy-to-use course builder, and automated features for certification and course tracking.

Cultivate growth, increase productivity, and mitigate risk all while saving your organization time and resources.

Read on to discover how Learn supports specific members of your organization.

How We Help You

NEOGOV learning management software significantly benefits managers, HR generalists, training specialists, and HR directors. The following sections focus on the features that help training managers create a more productive workforce and the features that help HR directors achieve organization-wide goals.

Training Managers

Learn provides training managers with a centralized location for all employee training data, easy ways to track training progress, and the ability to customize courses and learning plans.

Automation Saves You Time

Features to automate tracking, monitor task progress, and offer auto-notifications and reminders ease the burden on training managers and save them significant time and resources. Instead of time-consuming manual processes, managers can focus on providing better training.

Targeted Courses and Development

With a robust library of pre-built courses, the ability to upload SCORM, and an easy-to-use course builder, training managers are equipped to provide substantial public-sector training. With no IT knowledge required, they can develop customized courses and learning plans to fit your organization.

Increase Employee Engagement

A modern solution with a mobile-friendly interface, Learn integrates with Google and Outlook calendars and assists training managers in offering courses that encourage engagement and participation. With the ability to complete requirements on the go, and take more ownership of their training, employees are encouraged to pursue individual goals.

Hr Directors

Learn serves HR directors with a robust training solution that empowers managers and employees to become more productive, efficient, and better at meeting organizational goals.

Automate Compliance

Learn ensures compliance with federal, state, and local training requirements with auto-notifications and reminders for incomplete training and expiring certifications. With easy ways to track training and detailed reports on an employee's training history, you can maintain compliance without burdening staff.

Address Skills Gaps

By centralizing your training program in one location it’s easy to identify employees or departments requiring improvement. Detailed reports on training activity help you identify skill gaps, offer targeted courses, plan future training objectives, and create a cohesive program that helps individuals contribute to organization-wide goals.

Cultivate Growth and Promote Excellence

Continuous access to high-quality training helps employees reach their full potential. Learn’s robust course catalog includes topics on communication skills, teamwork, ethical decision-making, and much more. With easy access to an employee's entire training history, managers can easily access qualified candidates to promote from within. 

“We chose NEOGOV because it is user-friendly and public sector focused. In many ways, it contains best practices for public sector HR and thus, as releases occur, it keeps our systems renewed and fresh and we can continuously improve.”
-Deborah Erb, HR Business Analyst, San Luis Obispo County


“The online products & services they provide are invaluable for fulfilling our diverse & disperse training needs, as well as being affordable, & cost-effective.” 
-Tracy D. Gallo, State of Vermont

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To learn more about specific features that make NEOGOV your best choice for learning management software, please read our article How We’re Different.

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