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Learn increases the productivity, safety, and retention of your workforce with
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Simplify Training

Roll out courses with ease using our simple learning management system set up. Assign engaging training using a course management system with 300+ courses. Track progress and completion of both online and classroom courses. It’s that easy.

Simplify your training

"The online products and services they provide are invaluable for fulfilling our diverse and disperse training needs, as well as being affordable, and cost-effective."

TRACY D. GALLO - Director of Workforce Development, Recruitment Services & Employee Wellness, State of Vermont

Increase Engagement

Engage employees with content that can be easily uploaded using our learning management software. Maximize the learning experience with customized courses that your employees will use and enjoy.

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Reduce Risk

Reduce risk and liability claims with consistent, trackable courses available to your workforce. Store results and completions. Generate the reports you need to show compliance.

Cohesive Processes

Train employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle with our LMS software. Offer courses on lawful hiring. Deliver training during onboarding. Assign courses based on skill gaps.

Culture of Learning

Create a workforce of curious information seekers that want to learn and apply their knowledge. Nurture a learning mindset that helps employees reach their
full potential.

Productive Employees

Deliver content from a rich catalog of public sector and higher education courses. Motivate employees with courses on law enforcement, campus safety, computer skills, and more.

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