Company Culture

NEOGOV is a young, vibrant company with a flat organizational structure. Our people are entrepreneurial, independent, and results-oriented. If you like working hard in a place where hard work is rewarded, NEOGOV is the perfect place.

A lot of big companies are about endless meetings. Massive bureaucracy. Executive parking spaces. And suits. We don’t see what any of that has to do with great work. So we don’t bother. This isn’t your cushy corporate nine-to-fiver. Fortunately.

Be Inspired

We’ve got an environment where you can make things happen. Fast. There’s plenty of open space, open minds, collaboration, and of course, innovation. We also have a shared obsession with getting every last detail right.

Get Things Done

NEOGOV maintains a challenging, creative, and fun working environment consisting of smart and talented people working together in high performing teams. They’re eager to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

Career Growth

At NEOGOV, we stretch and set aggressive goals (measurable and realistic) and reward continuous improvement, energy, creativity, and intellectual growth. Your career at NEOGOV is limitless. Our work environment rewards individuals based on performance. Internal mobility is abundant and encouraged.

Employee Activities and Events

NEOGOV fosters a sense of community and encourages fun in the workplace. The ESCAPE (Entertainment, Sports, Celebrations, Activities, Party-planning, and Events) Committee is a group of high-spirited and involved NEOGOV employees who plan monthly activities and events for their Los Angeles and Jacksonville colleagues. Activities include annual employee outings to local festivals, tickets to local sporting events and comedy shows, special movie screenings, and more.